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Chapter 2: 

We have THREE fundamentals that unlock your creativity and open up all the possibilities. 


We have standard ink colors that match our matte stocks but we can also match any Pantone color you might have. Typically our brides pick two colors.

Order our matte and metallic swatch books for $25  to help with selecting backing, pocket folders, liners, belly bands and more. These are extremely helpful tools when building your invitation suite. Only available for our wedding planner accounts. 


Our items are placed in separate groups based on when they are printed. You will place three separate orders, one for save the dates, one for invitations and one final order for her day of items. 

<< Showcased is the entire paperie suite using Design Chayse
Phase 1: Save the Date (photo)
Phase 2: Invitations with backing, Response Postcard, Thank you cards
Phase 3: Slim Program and Cocktail Napkins

Below is our list of standard products but of course we can do more! 

Phase 1 

  • Save the dates (S00) 
  • Save the date magnets (S00M)
  • Save the date photos (S00P)

Phase 2 

  • Rectangle invitation (I00R)
  • 2 layer rectangle invitation (I00R-B)
  • Square invitation (I00S)
  • Skinny invitation (I00L)
  • Response card with envelope (R00R)
  • Response postcard (R00P)
  • Reception card (Z00) 
  • Accommondations card (A00) 
  • Directions card (D00) 
  • Custom map/directions card (DM00)

Phase 3

  • Flat thank you cards (T00) 
  • Folded thank you cards (T00F)
  • Menu (F00) 
  • Large program (CD00)
  • Skinny program (CS00) 
  • Small program booklet
  • Large Program booklet
  • Square Program booklet
  • Fan Program (CF00) 
  • Blank escort card (E00)
  • Blank place card (P00) 
  • Table number (N00)
  • Reserved sign (NR00) 
  • Personalized escort card (E00-D)
  • Personalized place card (E00-D)
  • Seating chart (Q00)
  • Chair signs (B00) 
  • Gobo artwork (G00) 
  • Cocktail napkin (K00)


EVERY Design in our collections can be printed in ANY color combination and ANY printing method! Here are our four different printing methods. 

FLAT PRINTING (DIGITAL) 4 color process using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink; can handle any number of colors or amount of coverage photo printing; most cost effective and fastest turn-around time. 
Partner Discount: 50%
Price: $

THERMOGRAPHY (RAISED) Offset process, ink is applied to the page using a plate/roller and a powder is dusted on top of the ink; sent through a high heat “oven” to produce a raised effect. Mimics engraving-ink is somewhat translucent; best used for darker colors (ex. light pink on ivory paper is very hard to see) 1-2 colors is most cost effective. Adds elegance without a high cost. Looks like flat printing but has a raised effect.
Partner Discount: 50% 
Price: $$

LETTERPRESS (PRESSED) Offset process using metal plates; ink is rubbed on plates and pressed into cotton paper; impression made on the back of the page; excellent for fine details and works best with 100% cotton paper saturation may slightly vary from piece to piece; adding classic elegance or vintage style depending on design.
Partner Discount: 25% 
Price: $$$ Showcased to left with foil stamping

HOT/FOIL STAMPING Very similar to letterpress; instead of ink applied to a plate, an opaque “foil” is stamped onto the page; very little impression on the front/back of page; works well for contrasting colors (black paper with white stamping, etc) and tone on tone colors (black paper with black stamping)works very well with metallic colors; can add either elegance or contemporary style depending on design and color combination
Partner Discount: 25%
Price: $$$ Showcased to left with foil stamping

Can we print the invitation in thermography and the other inserts flat? Yes, we can!