Custom Solutions & Strategy

We have spent 25 years IN the event industry and now we SERVE the Event Industry. We just know what you need, it's our natural way of thinking. This is why having a team that can help you strategize and think ahead of you (for you) is important, always prioritizing your highest return opportunities.

We seek to understand your objectives, timeline, goals, and create a winning strategy so that you can get back to planning and leave the design, communication, and printing to us.

Simply Personal offers a variety of special products and services for the needs of businesses, from small to large. We will strategize together and provide solutions to meet your needs.

"It's so nice working with someone who's mind ticks like yours! That's exactly Susan. She's a breath of fresh air in the event industry. She anticipates needs before they arise and problem-solves a perfect solution. It's wonderful working with someone that's multifaceted with creativity and business alike. I love counting on Susan + her team to get the task done."
Sarabeth Quattlebaum, CMWP, CPCE
Sarabeth Events


Inviting guests to any event or launch is our jam. Attendance is important and it all starts with the invitation or save the date. Setting the tone, mood, and theme is so fun for us! We love to learn, and we get excited as much as you do to kick off a new project and rock your theme! We LOVE to brand events!

We offer everything from creative design consultation and conception to art direction, layout and production. By choosing the right type fonts, graphics, colors and other design elements, we’ll create a unique style that makes a great impression — while it perfectly reflects your company’s personality and brand identity.

From concept, content etiquette, graphic design, to printing and mailing, you’ll have access to professional advice and top creative talent.


As a professional printing company we can handle small or high volume print orders. Companies and events of all sizes rely on our advanced printing technologies and experienced team to handle all their business printing needs.

Our printing personalization and flexible printing techniques are what set us apart from other printing companies. Not sure what printing solution is right for your project? Simply Personal can help you choose the right printing method based on your business goals, timeline, and budget.

We specialize in flat printing, thermography, foil stamping, letterpress, and white ink printing.


Simply Personal is a full service mailing house. Save time and eliminate hassle; we can get your mailing directly to your customers, fast. Our mailing professionals are well versed in direct mail best practices and can help you strategize to optimize ROI on your next mailing.

Mailing Services:
- EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)
- Permit Mailing (Great for Non-Profit and High Volume)
- Regular Mail, Priority Mail, UPS, etc.

Project Management & Fulfillment

Sometimes projects require all of it, strategy, design, printing, and mailing and that is when we bundle and say you need full service project management. We will manage all the logistics so you don't have to. Whether it's a one part mailout or 47 consecutive days. We got you.

Simply Personal will partner with you to manage your inventory, fulfill orders, and control branding so you can focus on growing your business. Our storage and mailing capabilities can accommodate blind shipping and any other special request, including kitting, variable data, direct mail, and product distribution. Simply Personal also offers Print-on-Demand

Project & Logistics Management
Need support for your short term or long term project, product launch, event, or client project? Our logistic team can support you to ensure your needs are met, clients are happy, and your time is well spent. Call and discuss your project and see how our Project & Logistic Team can support you.

"You are our perfect partner." Adnan [Santa's Club]

Santas Club Case Study

"Santa's Club and I can't thank Susan and her team enough for such a successful first year!! We truly could not have done it without them!

Susan and Simply Personal epitomize all the values of a real B2B partner... Our project wasn't just one day of printing, it was 47+ consecutive days of printing-on-demand, combined with critical thinking, an ever changing strict timeline, and a ton of pressure. This required a different level of creativity, operations, organization, and logistics management. Needless to say, they absolutely crushed it! If you are looking for a group who will treat your business as their own, look no further!!"

Susan, we love you!
With much admiration and gratitude,

William Evelsizer | Founder / CEO
Santa's Club

Simply better together.

We can't wait to hear your ideas and make it ALL happen!

Our Values

We are obsessed with making you look good.

We are devoted to our work.

We are committed to teamwork and excellence.

We strive to stay ahead of you, provide peace of mind, and exceptional customer service.

It's not about what we do (even though we do killer stuff), it's really about how we do it.